Larski | Our Process
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Auto clave principe

Our skis are made in a high-pressure autoclave.
a cross-section of this pressure vessel is seen above, the ski is drawn in wood color. An envelope with the ski lay-up inside is under a vacuum it is placed in the autoclave while curing. The pressure in the autoclave is 4 Bar.The total pressure at the ski skin is 5 bar this is 5kg/cm2 (this is 50Tons per m2!!!!!!) this pressure is equal at every Square mm2 of the ski. (this is not the case using a ski press) The temp in the autoclave goes up to 90 degree Celsius. After a 2 our cure the ski is now backed.

Wood core technique

wood cores

wood cores

Our wood cores are made out of paulownia wood. this is very light so your big powder Plancks don’t become too heavy. At the binding area, there is a 2,5 MM composite plate, to get a better hold of the binding screws.Our cores are Grinded on an 8KW belt grinder this way the wood fibers are not damaged.

Topsheet design manufacturing


We use a Carbon Capstyle construction

Ski base

We use black base (P-tex 4504) the best quality for off piste use, it is very good reparable.

ski fibers

We use a mix of 80 percent carbon and 20 percent glass fiber in the layup of our skis.using carbon is NOT an option it is standard.we use a lot Biax carbon to get torsion stiff ski.Custom layups are easily possible so stiffer or more flex. ate the same price!

Steel ski edge

We use a Waelzholz 2 mm steel 48HRC steel edges.

The skitip is Reinforced with a 7075 Aluminium plate

Stone grinding

We have a completely rebuilt Reichmann 150mm stone/belt grinder to make linear structures in the base.