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inserts def

Larski designed a better inserts system as the ones wich are already on the market.

The ones you can buy for instance Quiver Killer are made from stainless steel,  in combination with stainless steel screws the are guarantee jamming with water and sand. so we made them out of Forced brass, with is self-lubricating.

QK are cnc cut and the surface is completely smooth……………and the oil using for cutting these ones are in the surface of the stainless steel……… very bad for bonding with epoxy.

our inserts are dry cut on our own German Boley CNC machine, the surface is afterwards Corund sandblasted………so ideal for epoxy bonding.

Our design is made with a 2mm bigger diameter on top. so it looks nice and beautiful.  also there is and will not be a small gap between the Inserts and the ski top sheet.