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Italy, snow, spring sunshine, mountain view with rustic wooden houses far away from crowded society, what a beautiful day. With this inspiration, I work every day with great satisfaction in my shop in Tilburg. As skiing and mountaineer enthusiast I started to develop a unique formula for building skis.
After eight years of professional building and selling high-end carbon bike wheels, time was ready for something new …… again unique sporting gear, made with passion and craftsmanship built using nontraditional autoclave technique.
skis….. yes of course on your custom built skis through deep powder. 25 years experience in advanced materials like composites, will help. Our lightweight skis are handmade in Holland using Carefully crafted elements. Not mass-produced, but handcrafted with special details.

No screaming graphics but clean colour top sheet.
Not 100 pieces a day but one pair a week. No injected foam cores but light wood. Not quickly cured in 10 minutes, but two hours controlled cure per ski, not made out of cheap glass fibre but 90% high modulus Carbon fibre. using own developed autoclave technique unique in Europe.
Skiing is not only the gliding over frozen water also called SNOW. It’s a feeling of freedom in combination with an open mind. ski gear is not only functional but also a way of profiling your way of life.


Lars van Beurden

Founder Larski


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